England was Amazing!

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The first picture is from Stephen’s graduation day and the second is mine (Stephen is holding my degree). What an a amazing feeling to finally be done with four years of hard work. I have heard from other graduates that “it” doesn’t fully hit you until the Fall, when you should be heading back to school and classes. All of a sudden a feeling of, I am not actually going back and my job is not temporary, comes over you. For now it is surreal, especially since Stephen and I are hard at work preparing for London reading novels such as Salman Rushdie The Santanic Verses (which we finished today!), E.M. Forster Howards End, Zadie Smith White Teeth, Hanif Kureishi The Black Album, and Edward Said Culture and Imperialism. Only 3 days until we celebrate 2 years together and 5 days until we fly to London. Life is good.

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My Mini Cooper Advertisement

This is an ad for Mini Cooper that I created. What do you think?


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Starbucks Just Knows How To Advertise

This was a recent promotion that Starbucks did, free coffee if you bring in a travel mug. I would have participated, but my husband and I were driving to/in Chicago traffic and did not know when our next rest stop would be. My dad passed this ad on to me and I LOVE it. I think the concept is so creative and so STARBUCKS! The idea is young, brings people together, environmentally friendly, and large scale in chic New York.

I know what you’re thinking, 1)This is impossible and 2)They wasted all those cups when they are trying NOT to use cups. Yes, I understand that. BUT, this could be possible with the right planning and engineering (so I believe that it is real). I cannot really dispute the fact that they did waste all of those cups, but I hope this movement saves cups overall and they probably recycled them. The point is, Starbucks is consistent with their upscale and creative reputation. The advertisement ends with a “wow” factor of the tree and zooms out to New York City. What a perfect ending.

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How does a business app impact you?

I was reading some startling statistics at iPhone Developer Labs about mobile business apps (also sometimes referred to as mobile enterprise apps) and how these apps are influencing companies. In a recent survey conducted by Kelton Research for Sybase, Inc., 90% of business managers said they have plans to create and implement new applications and of those 90 %, 50% believe that managing the new app successfully will be their top priority. Another startling fact Sybase found was that 21% of companies  are considering introducing 20 or more iphone applications.  The last thing that jumped out to me was that 50% of these companies say that employees were the driving factor for adopting these new applications. What this tells me is that people are rising up and not only driving businesses to progress with iPhone application technology, but people are also  speaking out as to which business apps are useful and needed. Some of the more useful business people are buzzing about are in my past two blogs, but I will talk about a few more today and also feel the pulse in the social media world.

First I want to discuss the buzz located on socialmention compared to April 5th, because the buzz has seemed to increase. Socialmention sifts through social media sites to feel the buzz on a topic and overall discussion. The strength of iphone business apps, meaning the likelihood it is discussed in social media, was 20% April 5th and 32% April 19th. The sentiment, meaning the ratio of mentions that are positive vs. negative, went from 6:1 to 7:1. The passion which means that those who are talking about iphone business apps will continue to do so decreased a bit from 41% on April 5 to 38% April 19th. The last area is reach, which is the range of influence, increased from 27% reach to 35% reach. These numbers resonate with what iPhone Developer Labs and Sybase were predicting, and overall increase. I feel that this topic has not even come close to reaching it’s peak. Verizon only recently started carrying the iPhone and iPads are still not as common as they will eventually be.

I decided to look into a social media monitoring site that my dad told me about called ReSearch.ly. I specifically searched iPhone Business Apps to see what kind of buzz is currently on twitter.

One thing that I don’t like about this site is that you have to pay for some of the research, but there is still data to be found and the most recent tweets about your topic are continuously coming in. I decided to add a chart I felt was interesting. This chart shows the mentions from 2009 until April 2011.

There seem to be no mentions until 2011, and even then it looks like not until March 2011. To get more in depth data, you would have to pay, but this chart proves that iPhone business apps are very recent and up and coming.

It is no wonder that 90 % of business mangers want to focus on getting an app out there and taking good care of it. With the high numbers in socialmention and the sudden spike of tweets at Research.ly, it would be a poor business move not to get a business app, whether this is an app for their business or to help business productivity. I know that a company named Impact Networking has created an app that is a combination of the two. This app can be used and downloaded by customers, but it can also be used by employees as a database of names and contacts of all other employees at Impact.

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY for iPad and iPhone
Image by Physio-Control, Inc. via Flickr

The last area I want to touch on is another way that Apple and the iPad have affected the market. This topic is directly and indirectly related to business apps. In an article by Klint Finley at ReadWrite Enterprise, Finley discusses how iPad tablets are cutting into PC sales. Finley opens the article by saying, “The iPad isn’t just a hot new consumer device, it’s also an increasingly popular tool for business. Each week we take a look at the new or updated business apps for the iPad, and highlight trends in how tablets are being used in the enterprise.” He says that PC sales in 2011 are down 1.1% since 2010, and blames tablets. Another point this article highlights is that 90% of the Healthcare industry uses iOS devices. Finley goes on to link us to an article that he had just written, also on ReadWrite Enterprise, about new apps for doctors. One new app called Airstrip Cardiology sends encrypted ECG information from hospital equipment directly to iPhone mobile devices. This is a fascinating new app which gives us a glimpse into what is to come and how our world is becoming influenced by mobile apps.

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Rip Off??? YES!

Have you seen this commercial somewhere before???

Yeah, I thought so. I have too. I believe Dairy Queen ripped off Old Spice.

This Old Spice commercial has become a pop icon with plenty of people recording and posting their own versions. Ellen Degeneres even featured a boy who made his own version for his mother. I know that Dairy Queen has had horrible commercials in the recent past (remember the giant singing mouth who tried to be funny but was actually super annoying?), BUT that doesn’t give DQ the right to straight up steal Old Spice’s style. I would bet anything that during DQ’s advertisement brainstorming session they said “Let’s try to do something like Old Spice did.” This doesn’t work for them though because it’s such an obvious rip off. What made the Old Spice commercial so original and unique was that IT WAS ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE! Nothing had been done like that before. It was humorous, entertaining, poked fun at sex appeal, and played into women stereotypes in a very humorous and unoffensive way. At least these concepts tie back into a men’s bodywash in a clever fashion. I’m not sure how less ice cream sets rainbows on fire and equals old fashion shaving animals.
Please Dairy Queen, we are begging you, step up your advertising!!! And do NOT rip off other successful commercials.

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Innovation for Daddy

When I saw this Nissan commercial yesterday, my first thought was That Is My Husband! He is a “car guy” and LOVES his sporty Subaru WRX, and currently we are looking at getting a MR2 Spyder for our next car. My husband is always planning and re-planning our future cars, whether they are our next cars, future family cars, or future retirement cars. So when I saw this ad, I felt like any car lover (which is the target audience for this commercial considering the sporty Nissan 370z) can relate to this feeling.

First of all, the tone of this commercial is perfect. The couple is obviously happy and successful considering they are starting a family, have a beautiful home and nice car. This commercial spends the right amount of time showing the more emotional pregnancy announcement and the transitions perfectly into the Daddy’s realization he will have to give up his beloved sports car. He is distraught about changing cars, especially changing to a car that isn’t as fun. Daddy then transforms the car into a, still sporty and fun, Nissan Maxima which is considered “Innovation for Daddy, Innovation for All.” Joy spreads across his face as he realizes he won’t have to give up having a fun car after all. All of a sudden, like it hit him for the first time he says, “we’re gunna have a baby.” This brings an element of humor into the commercial, because now he is excited for a baby. He sprints back into the house yelling that they are going to have a baby!!

The combination of wonderment, distraught feelings, humor, and joy makes this ad excellent. Not only can I relate to how a “car guy” thinks and feels, but I can also laugh at it. This is definitely my favorite commercial on TV right now.

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