As I was sitting inside my apartment on a gross, unpleasant, cold and rainy day, I became inspired. I saw a picture of my favorite city London by Helmut Lang and decided I wanted to share a few of my own memories and photography work from when I was there.



These are pictures from my time in England. They continually inspire me and hold some of my dearest memories. Memories from these photos stand out more clearly in my mind than others. Sometimes I get lost in thought when I think about these vivid moments in time.

In the beautiful city of Tintagel. I wish I lived in a castle by the sea.

The gorgeous Castle Bridge on a day much like today here in Chicago. So London.

One of my favorite places we visited was Boscastle. My husband and I were in our warm, quaint B&B. The sunset was so breathtaking in the most stunning place I have ever been in my life.

Can you believe people actually get the privilege of living their lives in the most charming place in the world?

This encapsulates the city of London. The beautiful Parliament with Big Ben, a classic taxi and red double-decker bus.

At the top of Boscastle right on the coast. I felt as though I was on the top of the world.

This is the very center of London at Trafalgar Square. I love how Big Ben is in the background. Can you imagine living in one of those flats? Sigh…

I love sheep.

Plants growing along the sea. The softest grass I have ever felt was along this coast. We would have fallen asleep, if it wasn’t for being inches from the edge!


About rennabrunton

Hello! I am a very passionate and energetic individual. I take on way too much and it is the right amount for me. I majored in public relations and advertising at Purdue University and absolutely love it! I have had many communication internships and was a Resident Assistant at Purdue Hilltop Apartments looking after 81 residents. One of the best things in my life is my husband Stephen. We got married in May 2009 and are inseparable best friends; I can’t imagine life without him. We both graduated in May 2011 and embarked on a huge adventure spending 3 weeks in London participating in a Study Abroad. After our trip to England we have begun our lives in Chicago. Feel free to check out my linkedin: or follow me on twitter: @RennaBrunton Live for Love Renna Brunton
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